FREE Menu Printing Templates: Red Baron, The Ultimate Sports Bar Menu

By | June 9, 2013

You can not attract thousands of sports bar customers unless you have an appetizing menu with a sports theme for your restaurant. The menu should look comprehensive and sharp so that customers can easily identify what to eat and order. With the help of free menu templates available over the internet, you can have a professional menu designed to sell more food. Restaurants templates are a common so you can find a large and attractive collection of the menu templates with a simple web search.

But before you scour the internet for the perfect menu, try a template that is a well-known best seller for sports bars – it’s called the Red Baron menu template. You can easily work with a menu printing company to update the design, add your items, change prices, and further customize the template for your specific needs. You can place the name of your restaurant and logo on the outer most fold of the menu and use bold headlines such as “New Menu, Lower Prices, Look Inside!” to generate more interest.

Fine Tune Your Sports Themed Man Cave

By | June 9, 2013

You’ve pretty much done everything to make your Man Cave the best it can be. You’ve taken the time to pick out the perfect television, subscribed to the right broadcast service so you can follow your favorite teams, painted the walls, rearranged the furniture, and even built a home bar! Now all that’s left for you is to give your Man Cave some finishing touches that will help to make it really shine.

Team Logo Drinkware
Nothing will help you put your mark on your Man Cave more than some drinkware emblazoned with your favorite sports team’s logo. Every time you get your friends another round while watching the game, you’ll be reminded why you took the huge effort upon yourself to make a Man Cave in the first place. It may seem like a small thing, but seeing your team’s logo on your drinking glass makes it seem like you’re living in a sports oasis far away from the rest of the world.

Sports Decor
Similar to team logo drinkware, you’ll find that having the right sports decor will add yet another layer to your Man Cave’s awesomeness. After all, a room is just a room if there aren’t any posters, banners or flags on the wall. Once you’ve covered the walls in your sports den with memorabilia it will have an entirely different feel to it and make watching the game that much more special. One great benefit of stocking up on both team logo drinkware and sports decor is that you can change your Man Cave’s look depending on the season. How cool would it be to have a full set of MLB glasses and banners to enjoy in the summer and then be able to switch to your NFL set in the fall?

Bar Accessories
It’s always a good idea to stock up on bar supplies if you ever plan on having friends over- even more so if you’ve already taken the time and effort to put in a home bar! Having the right bar accessories on hand for use in your Man Cave will make life (and opening bottles and mixing drinks) so much easier that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! This is one concept that most people overlook either by accident, or because they don’t think they really need to invest in bar accessories. The truth is, once you go out of your way to make a special room for the sole purpose of enjoying sports and having your buddies over, not having at least a basic set of bar supplies makes you look woefully unprepared as a host. Don’t be that guy!

I hope you’ve found these ideas for fine tuning your Man Cave helpful and that you’re able to take something from this article and put it into action right away for your own Man Cave. The most important benefit of adding all of these finishing touches to your Man Cave and fine tuning your decor is that once you’re finished, you’ll have a personalized room that is like no other and truly your own.

Getting Hold of the Best Bar Supplies

By | June 9, 2013

If you have your own bar and you are trying to keep up with the trends as well as keep up with the expectations of your customers, you are probably wondering how you will be able to acquire the best bar supplies available in the market today, so you can provide the best bar experience for your old and new customers.

Your bar may be a place where various events would take place for various individuals and various business events. Since people are expecting that they would be getting the right entertainment, the best service, and extraordinary food, it is necessary for you to make it to the point that you meet the expectations of each and every customer you have.

So, how can you do this? First thing that you have to look into is the quality of service that you are providing your customers, especially when it comes to the drinks and the food that you are going to serve. All of these would be depending on the type of occasion that will be held on your bar. If this is the case then you need to get hold of various bar supplies needed for that specific event.

More often you would be needing supplies for the bartender such as liquor, jiggers, glass rimmers, cap catchers and other stuff that would help the bar tender serve the right amount of liquor or beverages for every specific variation available. Together with these supplies are those which your bar attendants need so they can serve beverages and food easily such as aprons, trays, as well as bucket chills and tongs for serving ice with ease.

The first thing that you have to put into consideration when searching for the best supplies that would fit your business is that you get high quality products, as well as durable supplies that would last longer than expected.

To be able to acquire bar supplies that you can rely on, you have to search for a reputable company who can also adjust to your business needs. If you are searching for an affordable way to get these supplies, you may try to go look for options online. You’ll find various companies who have their own websites which offers supplies for your bar, restaurant or even your own kitchen. They may even give great discounts for the supplies and equipment they offer – it’s worth a try.